evrbit GmbH

Hi, we are evrbit – a team of full stack developers, strategists and UX and game design experts from Cologne. We are based in the heart of the Belgisches Viertel. From here, we unite the digital and analog world by enabling easy access to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and geobased feature applications. We’re doing this by including familiar places and habits, community aspects and social tools. We understand digital transformation as an ongoing process in cultural life, made of little big ideas and done within tiny steps. It’s about discovering the unseen in good old things, to be open for innovation by accident, to take heart to be a first mover, listen to people and care about their needs, and take some time off with things you love. This is the story of evrbit. It’s about evrbit’s unique Sync Lib Solution, the genesis of our scalable eVRsync Cinema for product- and company presentations, about interactive AR Multiuser tools, VR@school, Digital Escape Room and Y.A.N.A for HR and Marketing, the fan engaging Multiscreen Tool, for widespread adoption and the realization of your vision.

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